Om os

Who we are

Maren Granlien

Maren Granlien – The Idea Generator

Maren is passionate about spreading digital technologies and founded NUTS to make it easier for both customers and translators to translate texts between Danish and Greenlandic.

Maren Granlien lives in Nuuk and is behind ilik consulting company.
+299 52 98 16

Margit Sander Granlien

Margit Sander Granlien-The Initiator

Margit is the process designer behind NUTS and the one who operates and develops NUTS on a daily basis.
Margit’s vision is to customize NUTS so it also fits your needs – so contact her if there is something you would like.
+299 25 66 34


Paornánguak Kleist-
Project Manager

Muku is the project manager in NUTS and is in charge of onboarding new customers and translators. Muku has many years of experience with communication and combined with eagle-eyes she ensures that NUTS offers high professionalism and good quality in the task solution.
+45 2112 9002

History and key values

NUTS is a professional translation portal that brings private individuals, companies and organizations in contact with translators.

We offer translators an easier work life with less administration and the opportunity to reach more customers.

We are passionate about using IT to support workflows and have 15 years of experience in delivering professional IT solutions in all industries.

We have longed for a more up-to-date translation service – because why make it difficult when it can be SO MUCH EASIER for everyone.

Do you spend a lot of time keeping track of translations?

– use NUTS to keep an overview without hassle.


We will make it easy to meet for translation assignments!

We want to make it easy to be a translator.

We want to make it easy to get something translated.


NUTS wants to be the preferred choice for translations between the Greenlandic language and the Danish language.

– whether you are a private person, a company or an organization.

– whether you are a translator or you want something translated


We take pride in high service.

We follow the assignment to the end.

We deliver a quality we can be proud of.

We focus on the translator’s work tools and the customer’s needs.