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Modern and efficient translation tools

At NUTS, we use modern and cloud-based translation tools. The tools ensure a consistent and accurate language.

Not only does the translation tool keep track of the correct terminology, the tool also recognizes previously translated sentences and terms. This ensures that your texts maintain the terms and expressions you normally use in your organization regardless of departments and translations.

The cloud-based solution is shared across all our translators. This ensures correct translation-also of terms that are not common in your own organization, but may be used by the persons you want to communicate with.

The translation tools are called “CAT” in English, which stands for Computer Assisted Translation. 

Watch a short film explaining how the tools help NUTS deliver translations both more efficiently and of a higher quality.

keep the format! Upload Word, Power Point, Excel, InDesign etc. and get it back in the same format

Do you know translators who only receive text in Word?
we do too – that’s why we started NUTS. By us you can send the text in the format you want – and you will of course get it back in the same format.

Regardless of whether you send the text in PowerPoint or Excel you will get the translation back in the same format.

Our translation tool takes the text out of e.g. the PowerPoint. The translator translates the text. When the text is translated, the translation tool put it into the PowerPoint again in the correct position.

The customer should be the one choosing the format – at least that’s what we think at NUTS.

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Smartcat screenshot

Overview of all your assignments You get a comprehensive overview of all your translations and the status of them

You always have an overview of your translations.

You can see which ones have been completed and how far the ongoing translations have come.

You can always download both the translation and the original text again.

You can always see what the translation cost and get a copy of the invoice.

Overblik over opgaver

Total payment and simple and transparent billing. no additional tax administration.

Do you use many different translators?

Gather them all in NUTS and you can pay together for all your translation tasks.

This makes it easy for you: you always have an overview of invoices and which tasks are paid. You have the full overview of what you pay for.

Yes – we also handle the tax payments for you as a customer.

Nuts is approved by the Tax Authority as a company and the invoices can therefore be treated as any other invoice.

Nuts makes sure to include A-tax for the translators.

Samlet betaling

Never experience again that the translator forgets to use the correct terms. We put your glossary into the system

We put your glossaries into the system.

When the word appears in the text, the translator automatically be shown the translation you prefer to use.

In this way, we ensure that technical terms are translated the same every time and exactly the way you want.

That’s how it should be – at least that’s what we think at NUTS.

Behold formatet

Does it need to be confidential?

At NUTS, you can ensure 100% confidentiality.
No one but you, the translator and your contact person at NUTS has access to the text.

You are also welcome to upload the text via our customer portal. Then the connection is encrypted.

Should it be extra confidential we can set a limit so that the translator can not download the text – but can only translate it line by line.

Contact us if you want to know more. 

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Welcome Pack

The package contains everything you need:


Dine gloselister bliver lagt ind i vores oversættelsesværktøj


Vi opretter en profil i NUTS til jeres faste oversættere


Vi oplærer oversætterne i at bruge oversættelsesværktøjet


Introduktion til vores kundeportal

If one day you regret…

Of course, we have also made it easy to get out of NUTS again if one day you want to stop the cooperation.

NUTS velkomstpakke

“Thank you for now” package

Good collaborations don’t have to last forever.

Below you can read how we say ”thank you for now”.


Eksport af dine gloselister så du har den nyeste


Eksport af din Translation Memory

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