Persondata og fortrolighed


If you send us documents containing personal data for translation, editing or one of our other services, we will treat this information strictly confidentially and will not use it for anything other than providing you with the service you have ordered.

All data and content are treated with the utmost confidentiality and are stored and stored only to the extent necessary for the current or future tasks in accordance with the legislation, or deleted immediately after the preparation of the offer or the execution of the task, if you specifically request this.

If you need further confidentiality with regards to your content, it is possible to form a confidentiality agreement with Nuts and the interpreter. This agreement can be signed online.

Personal data

What do we do with the your personal information?

When you contact us to use our services or ask for a quote, we take care of the personal information you provide us – usually your name and contact information – in order to provide a service to you and for use in the accounts. Nuts Aps cooperates with Smartcat and when you register as a customer or translate you do so at Smartcat under their privacy policy:

We also ask you if you want to receive marketing communications from us. If you choose to say yes to this, a few times a year you will receive news that should be of interest to you.

If you are a translator or potential translator, we will retain your contact information, details of the services you provide and what you have specialist expertise in, so that we can select the right supplier and contact you with inquiries about providing such services to us.