Servicevilkår Terms & amp; Conditions

Legal disclaimer

Once your order has been placed and you have received an order confirmation by email, you have accepted our Terms and conditions (see below).

If you wish to cancel your translation project or withdraw your order, you are obliged to pay for the work done up to this point. Please note that you agree to our Terms and conditions when placing your order with . can under no circumstances be liable for direct or indirect damage or loss caused by lost profits, lost revenue, loss of data or similar in connection with the use of our services.

Terms and conditions

Copyright and original text enforces its business relations and its work with and for the customer with the utmost confidentiality and anonymity. The assignments are not awarded or outsourced to third parties. may, however, in certain cases, make use of translators who have not contracted with (freelance). In this case, the translator will agree to a written secrecy agreement in connection with the assignment.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that he or she has the right and legal right to the text that is to be translated. Under no circumstances can the customer claim, demand or require compensation. The customer cannot raise legal or legal claims against for copyright infringement in connection with Source text or translation.

Prices and offers’s offer is binding. No additional costs will arise unless the customer, after the execution of the original offer, makes use of additional services. Price quotes for scanned PDF or TIF files are based on the premise that the number of words is a maximum of the number of words that can be accommodated in the download field.

Delivery and payment

Agreements on delivery dates and other dates concluded between NUTS.GL and the customer is not binding until NUTS.GL has received the complete text for translation and any changes to the text that the customer has made to it. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the entire payment amount must be paid to NUTS.GL before the translation is initiated. For long-term tasks or large volumes of text, NUTS.GL agree to special agreements that are made on regular or installment payment.

Copyright to the translation

The rights relating to translated documents, public relations and marketing materials for general commercial or commercial purposes are transferred by to the customer when the customer has completed the payment. has no rights to the translations or claims to the customer, unless otherwise agreed in writing

Confidentiality and secure storage of customer documents is at no time obliged to disclose the information contained in the customer’s original documents or translations thereof to third parties, without the customer’s written consent. is responsible for the customer’s documents, as well as copies thereof and translations as well as copies of thereof, to be stored securely and delivered in a secure manner. have agreements with the translators who must follow rules for confidentiality and IT security.


In the event that the customer cancels an assignment already ordered and confirmed, the customer will either have to pay the cost of the work already done plus, if necessary, costs for research etc., or pay a compensation, the amount of which is agreed between the parties. The already completed part of the work is made available to the customer after the payment is received.

Complaint procedure

Complaints in connection with an order must be made within 30 days of delivery of the order by one of the parties. In the event that no agreement is reached between the parties, the customer agrees that a third party (eg. a mediator) to decide the case within two months of the lodging of the complaint. The decision of the third party is finally accepted by both parties.


You accept and agree to indemnify and hold harmless, its directors, employees and representatives in the event of damages, losses , complaints and expenses, including reasonable expenses for legal services, etc. that arise as a result of you making use of ‘s products, services or access thereto.

Applicable law and justice

Access to and use of is subject to Greenlandic law. Any legal action or complaint relating to the access to or use of to be brought before the Court of Greenland. By accession and accepting these general terms and conditions of sale and delivery, you agree that any complaint or dispute must be dealt with by the above-mentioned legal bodies and that the decisions and judgments thus made are legally binding.